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About TAAP

Tameside Apprenticeships
We are launching an exciting opportunity for local apprentices (past/present) and employers to share their apprenticeship stories borough-wide.  Visit schools, colleges, employer network events and more to inspire others with your apprenticeship journey. 


hello Raise awareness of the apprenticeship pathway


experience Share your real-life experience of completing an apprenticeship


network Network and gain confidence addressing a variety of audiences


What is your role as an ambassador?

Successful candidates for the Tameside Apprenticeship Ambassadors Programme will:
Have a positive perception of apprenticeships and the apprenticeship pathway.
Deliver presentations to groups of young people, businesses or providers/agencies. Each ambassador will share their own personal experience of becoming or employing an apprentice, what their role is in the workplace, how their training provider supports them and what plans they have for the future.
Support a stand at careers fairs, in-house school/college careers and aspiration events, local meetings/events in the Tameside community to engage with young people, teaching staff and parents in an informal (peer to peer) manner. You will be supported to create your presentation, which will outline your personal journey to becoming or employing an apprentice and promote the benefits of Apprenticeships.
Commit to being a Tameside Apprenticeship Ambassador for a minimum of twelve months
Be available to support at least two events within Tameside each year
Communicate with Tameside Council Employment and Skills prior to and following events to promote activities as part of TAAP. 


Meet our #TAAP Ambassadors

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If you would like more information about how to become an ambassador, please email Employment and Skills at employmentandskills@tameside.gov.uk